New Roofs Coventry – Slate and Tiled Roofing from Sky Blue Roofing

We only use the highest quality roofing tiles and slate

Natural Slate

Considered as one of the worlds finest building materials, it is a natural product that can deflect the most extreme weather conditions.
When laid properly your slate roof will last the life time of the roof. Here at Sky Blue Roofing Coventry we are very experienced in working with Slate that has come from Wales and Spain and some artificial and reclaimed slates.


The choice of Roof Tiles these days is quite extensive they range from Clay to Concrete, they come in many sizes from small to large and there are also interlocking plain tiles.
There are also a few different fixing practices, the more traditional fixing is a Morta bedding here at Sky Blue Roofing Coventry we specialise in all techniques.

We Have All New Roofs Manchester Make Available

Sky Blue Roofing have a team of highly skilled and motivated roofers. We will not rest until your job has been handled to your maximum satisfaction. We have a reputation for satisfying our clients. That is probably why many more people in Coventry trust us for their roofing tasks. We are no doubt the most reliable roofing service provider so do not hesitate to contact us for new roofs coventry and reinstallation of roofs. We also adequately handle repairs and maintenance works. If a new roofing design is brought onto the market, you can be sure to have it with us just a few days after they are released.

Our New Roofs Coventry Services Are Quite Affordable

As a service provider that understands the difficulty clients may face, we have come up with quotes that we believe will satisfy every client. We are the best new roofs Coventry service providers so we know what we are talking about. You really do not need to fear coming to us for you roofing service. Most people do; probably because they think the charges will be high. Unfortunately, such people give their jobs to unqualified personnel and the end result is that they spend much more either reinstalling or maintaining their roofs. You can avoid all of this by letting the professionals handle the job for you. Sky Blue Roofing is ready to help out, but you need to do your own part. You need to call us to come help you.

You may give ignorance as an excuse for not contacting us up to this moment. But now that you are fully informed, it’s time to take a bold step and make a decision. It can be another roofing serving provider who may or may not do a great job for you, or it can be Sky Blue Roofing which already has a track record of providing quality services. Being one of the top new roofs Coventry service providers, we guarantee that the job we carry out for you will be to the highest standard possible. If you are yet to make the decision of who will handle your roofing expedition, feel free to do that now.

New Roofs Coventry